Achieving the FlameTree goal of a sentient caretaker society

I say that thinking something is impossible is an example of an unhealthy bio-electric signal and cue. If you think it is impossible, then it will be impossible, validating you and reinforcing your rigid belief systems. Most people live their life in this way! However, the scientific research that I have presented here on this website to explain the FlameTree effect makes the goal of achieving a sentient caretaker society very possible.

This can be best explained if you look at my table which shows the fractal nature of the universe represented by a microcosm and macrocosm [pdf], and therefore the level of organisation possible.

What this table demonstrates is that applying the fractal nature of the universe and my ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’ offers a possible pathway for reaching the FlameTree goal of creating healthy bio-electric signals and cues, a healthy biofield and the healthy expression of the bio-electric code for all communities, as individuals that make up these communities and are themselves a community of specialised cells. If, within the human body, there are specialised cells (e.g.  heart and brain cells) that have a key function to play in creating the human body (i.e. not all cells differentiate into brain cells!), so too we can upscale this to communities and countries, races and cultures.

Every race, culture, community or country can be viewed as an individual organ, with specific roles, and requiring open and clear communication for the efficient functioning of the individual (i.e. planet Earth). If you are still with me here, planet Earth represents an individual that interacts with other individuals (planets) within the solar system. Like the cell, the earth is surrounded by biofields, and healthy biofields keep planet Earth in a healthy state, orbiting the sun in harmony with the other planets. However, like an individual whose thoughts create bio-electric signals and cues[g] that influence their cells, if you use your imagination, you can believe it is possible for the collective consciousness of all races, cultures, communities and countries to create bio-electric signals and cues that influence the earth.

This all ties back to my hypothesis — healthy biofields create healthy individuals. Research scientists show this to be true with individual cells; so when we upscale this to humans (a community of cells), it makes sense that it remains true. Upscale this again to countries (a community of people), it should also make sense that healthy biofields mean healthy countries. Upscale it again, and healthy countries, with healthy biofields mean a healthy planet Earth.

What would you do to be a part of this? To quote the Chinese phrase attributed to the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu:

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.’

By investing in FlameTree, you contribute towards achieving the goal of a sentient caretaker society by investing in yourself and being open to your own limitless potential, so you too can be a source of self-generating healthy biofields!

FlameTree is the answer we have been waiting for, and it is now thankfully here to assist you.

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Live optimally. Live purposefully.

– Rhett Ogston