May 3-8th (6 day immersive) 

The FlameTree Immersion course includes 8-units taught over 6 days, including a theoretical and practical structure with Rhett Ogston (founder) in person or online.

You will learn the full and complete FlameTree system including the history & science of FlameTree, the 8 frequencies, 2 navigators and have a hands-on, practical understanding of techniques and navigating sessions.

Upon completion of the 6th day, you will be able to practice the system, offer sessions and obtain results for family or clients (as a student) and move towards certification (Certified FlameTree Healer CFTH).

Once the course is complete there is an option for self-directed learning or an inclusive group mentorship program to support through to certification. Certification must be obtained within 1 year of course completion.

Full description of course units/materials below discussed under Units. 

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6 Days of learning face-to-face or live online

FlameTree Manual, protocol & procedure

6 Days of personal healing & growth for yourself

Student Certification

Exam fee (1 year to complete certification)

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Course Overview Unit 1 and 2 – Foundations of FlameTree:

FlameTree is the signature Rhett Ogston Application (ROA) and the ROA motto is “Live optimally. Live purposefully.”


Moving into the future there is a need for medicine to possess six criteria. These are:


  1. Addresses biological processes at their energetic foundations (Reach);
  2. Regulates biological processes with precision, speed, and flexibility (Efficiency);
  3. Fosters healing and prevents illness with interventions that can be readily, economically, and non-invasively applied (Practicality);
  4. Includes methods that can be utilized on an at-home, self-help basis, fostering a stronger client and practitioner partnership in the healing process (Client Empowerment);
  5. Adopts non-linear concepts consistent with distant healing, the healing impact of prayer, and the role of intention in healing (Quantum Compatibility);
  6. Strengthens the integration of body, mind, and spirit, leading not only to a focus on healing, but to achieving greater well-being, peace, and passion for life (Holistic Orientation).[i]

The new system for healing and healthcare needs to have a solid understanding of how dis-ease is created in a living organism e.g. human body, animal body or plant. It also needs to possess systemised information that allows for techniques to be applied that may balance stressors e.g. biochemical, environmental, emotional, mental and so on by reminding the innate wisdom of the BodyMind complex, to heal itself.

The FlameTree System is well situated to meet these 6 criteria because it integrates current scientific information, medical understanding and traditional healing practices that assists the body to recall its own self healing potential.

[i] Feinstein D, Eden D. Six Pillars of Energy Medicine: Clinical Strengths of a Complementary Paradigm. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine; Jan/Feb 2008; 14(1): 44-54: Research Library

Unit 1 Foundations of FlameTree


The Foundations of FlameTree course provides a comprehensive introduction to the FlameTree System and presents numerous powerful bio-energetic healing techniques that address a vast array of symptoms in all eight frequencies of the BodyMind Complex, making FlameTree a world first, a state-of-the-art, bio-energetic, personal development and healing system and an architectural, multidimensional, fractal masterpiece that has no boundaries and is limitless in its application to heal the body deeply and empower yourself towards inner growth.

This course evenly covers scientific, biomedical, philosophical, bioenergetic and biotechnological aspects of health, as well as training, committed participants in the practical application of the FlameTree techniques in a hands-on manner.

The Foundations of FlameTree course introduces the key concepts that could be considered the basis for the theory of ‘everything’, including how an individual creates dis-ease, how the interaction of the biofield influences cells and vice versa and explains the fractal nature of the universe in terms of health, healing and personal development in a way that will highlight to the participant how they may have previously been sabotaging their own mastery of life and therefore living sub-optimally and without purpose.

The innovative multidimensional fractal masterpiece that is the FlameTree protocol, guides you to the root cause of issues for a vast array of health conditions and simultaneously reveals the quick and easy to apply techniques that may bring about the ‘un-creation’ of the indicated issue.

Along with the Foundations of FlameTree Instructional Manual, the course is comprised of infotainment (the presenting of information in an entertaining way) presented in a lecture style, blended with the interactions of a tutorial, demonstrations of a practical, and of course hands-on practical experience.

Students will first learn the bio-energetic and biotechnology-based scientific principles, along with the theory behind The FlameTree System including our innate wisdom and how to use it during the sessions, how to bypass the limitations of your intuition and rather to engage your insight and draw upon your Clair senses in a systematized manner, the importance of bioelectric signals and cues, the three pathways of communication in the body, learning and using a myocyte-tendon-reflex-response to discover healing and personal development priorities of the BodyMind Complex to restore balance and so much more. The end result of this unit is knowing and applying the FlameTree system in a session.

Unit 1 also teaches you how to begin and close a session along with a variety of techniques such as agendas, used to clear any agenda for both the client or the healer. This unit also teaches performance agendas that may be used by anyone who wants to perform optimally e.g. public speakers, students taking an exam, a sports person competing in an event, or healing from injury or overuse and so on.

There is an in-depth understanding into emotions and emotional health (based on TEWS) including; What are emotions? Why do we have them? The psychology of emotional trauma. Participants also learn 2 powerful techniques to transform unhealthy emotional signals and cues and receive an introduction to the pro•m•emo essences and Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT).


Unit 2 Foundations of FlameTree


This course builds on the knowledge gained in Unit 1 of the Foundations of FlameTree course and delves into the first and 3rd frequencies exploring client’s spiritual beliefs, archetypal energies, and imbalances between the feminine and masculine, body dysmorphia, projecting and accepting love towards one’s self & others to improve wellbeing. Once again, both the theory and the practical aspects of the FlameTree techniques are covered.

Unit 3 The body


Unit 3 addresses the complete seventh frequency; the anatomy and physiology of the human body according to the levels of organisation, the principles, and importance of homeostasis, gross and cellular anatomy of the body including the triune and quaternary brain, as well as the neuroanatomy of the brain and functions. Participants learn a systems approach to the body as well as organs, endocrines, body parts (including anatomy, physiology, and pathology). Also in this unit is the lymphatic system (the system, the lymph glands, lymph ducts, and the ganglions may assist in cleansing the system with a sense of improved well being, improved immunity and less feeling sluggish. Transforming unhealthy bioelectric signals and cues associated with the nervous and circulatory systems may stimulate improved structure and function. Learn the 40 extrinsic points on the body that when addressed may improve the function of that point and its mutual point as well as improving a person’s energy level, mood, overall structural integrity, reducing or increasing their muscle tension, and function of the body systems.

Unit 4 Universal Connection

Unit 4 explores areas of Frequency 2; a model of personality formation that involves your primary makeup, roles, and the dynamics of mask formation and how you cope with the world and day-to-day interactions. Techniques are taught that allow for the harmonisation of these coping mechanisms when appropriate. This unit teaches the core differences between primary and secondary personality masks as well as covering the relationships between individuals in a family and a group setting.

Unit 5 Internal Body


Unit 5 addresses Frequency 6; the balancing of cellular damage from acquired sources inherited factors, or vaccinations as well as assisting the immune system of the body to deal with allergies, intolerances, microbes, toxins and in another world first assisting the body to restore its own natural balance for hormones and neurotransmitters. Learn energetic techniques to balance hereditary and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders.

Unit 6 Consciousness, all there is…

The course includes the fifth Frequency involving two primary areas of study:
• Consciousness – what we have come to believe about the world and ourselves and how it influences our health and wellbeing. The consciousness work in this unit extends on the foundation of the philosophy behind FlameTree and explains how to apply it in a practical way. It is said that consciousness is all there is. It is the core of everything. This unit delves into how our experiences form our beliefs about life and therefore ourselves; how each one of our organs endocrines and body parts have their own tendencies toward specific states of consciousness/belief systems.
We explore General Consciousness which includes the philosophy and understanding of dualistic concepts, which influences how our habitual thinking patterns create masks that hide our true nature and how balancing the General Consciousness assists the unfolding personal and spiritual growth of the client and healer. Practical use of this knowledge enables the healer to balance the client back to their natural state of inner peace and harmony.
• The process of peeling away masks we wear that have supported our faulty beliefs and past experiences. It is the process of un-becoming which results in just being oneself.

Unit 7 The Bioenergetics of Chinese Medicine + Life Cycles


Unit 7 explores items from the second FlameTree frequency including Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Planets, Cycles, and Houses. It takes an in-depth look at TCM principles, its theories, and cycles whilst exploring how to apply this information to the energetic systems of the body, drawing upon thousands of years of ancient wisdom. Study how the energies of planets and astrology may be used to address the energetic systems of the body and the body as an energy circuit. Whilst applying an understanding of archetypal energies and their meaning for health and personal development. This unit teaches you how to balance the energetic nature of the universe with the seventh frequency and explains how thought, intention, and consciousness relate to these two frequencies setting the scene for Unit 8, Ayurveda and Interactions of the world.

Unit 8 Ayurveda + Interactions/relationships + External Environment


This unit is the continuation of Frequency 2, the energetics of the human body covering Ayurveda and Interactions and relationships within the self and with external environmental factors. Ayurveda has been used for thousands of years and Reiki is employed by healers all over the world to assist people to rediscover their health. In this course you will learn the ROA equivalent of Reiki that may be applied to: the position, functions, or dysfunctions of the 7 chakras (as well as their associated elements, organs, endocrines, colours, age, planet, aroma, fragrance, incense, metal, gems), and related techniques, including the 21 sub-chakras and 230 minor chakras.

Here you will be immersed in another world first concept called karmachanics, as well as warning systems, genetic blueprints and balancing the body to any external environmental factors for optimal function.

We will bring together all the frequencies to explain how allostasis and homeostasis are maintained by Being and integrating all of the information from the past units into one amazing system that is FlameTree.

This course finalizes the vast amount of subject matter covered in the Basic FlameTree course. In this final unit we cover the microcosm to macrocosm view as presented in The Eternal Warriors Smile (TEWS) and view the BodyMind complex from both the macro- and micro-cosmic levels. All units have taught how to integrate Being a BodyMind complex which benefits the internal and external synchronization of the FlameTree recipient.

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Self Directed Learning or Mentorship support pathways available for each course structure for continued learning.


Immersive course Mentorship pathway: $5498.90 for one year of fortnightly mentor calls and support. Access granted to online membership area. UFTA membership applies for further discounts. Please contacts us to request more information.

Units course Mentorship pathway: $990 for up to 10 fortnightly mentor sessions.

Mentorship pathway alumni upon completion of all units access will be granted to the online members area and additional resources made available. UFTA association fee applies for membership access. Discounts granted with UFTA membership. Apply now.

FlameTree instructors are known for their professionalism while delivering the material in a light-hearted manner steeped in opportunity for both personal and professional transformation. There will be ample time to learn in three different ways, hearing the material, seeing it demonstrated and having ample practice time, which also affords the opportunity to receive and heal.

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