Written by FlameTree bioenergetic, fractal medicine founder, Rhett Ogston


The current healthcare systems

As a qualified research scientist, I have been conditioned to offer explanations about the observations made in the environment around us. Ironically, it was because of my science training that FlameTree was created! Based on my scientific analytical skills, I started to see the weakness in the current Western healthcare model. It is well documented that people are getting sicker, going to the hospital is a risk to health, healthcare costs are rising, and despite the dangers of going to hospital, hospital waiting lists continue to get longer! This, to me, did not make logical sense!

I also studied and practised in the complementary healthcare field for several years. Despite its reputation as ‘safer’ and more ‘holistic’ than Western medicine, I soon discovered that this approach did not have all the answers either. I could only conclude from my research and experiences that a new approach to healthcare was desperately needed.

The creation of FlameTree didn’t just occur overnight; it is the culmination of all my experiences, qualifications — indeed, my life’s work! I discovered something revolutionary that challenges our current beliefs in:

  • health care — I was so inspired by what I observed here that I had to write two books to further explain my observations — Real health: The system that needs an overhaul and The golden ring
  • personal development — I was even more inspired by what I observed and had to write another two books to further explain my observations called — The eternal worrier’s/warrior’s smile and From full to overflowing.

As I advocate in each Rhett Ogston Application (ROA), each one of us has a life purpose, and I am passionately living mine! My insights, intuition, education and life experiences have created a sense of purpose and responsibility within me to initiate change in how we approach health care, healing and personal development around the world. My message is clear — change is essential, not only for our own personal health and wellbeing, but for that of the planet. This change might possibly occur through the worldwide application of FlameTree: the personal development & healing system.

I have learned to appreciate that ‘reality’ in science is based on what you observe, and not what you are supposed to observe! So, how do I explain the FlameTree effect?


The FlameTree effect

The FlameTree effect is the interruption and resolution of unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues, allowing the FlameTree recipient to progress into a life of Being, which means a life lived in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism, or as I refer to in my book The eternal worrier’s/warrior’s smile, Being the eternal warrior of your life. FlameTree recipients can resume Being their optimal self and achieve their unique purpose, which may be inspiration, good health, happiness, tranquillity, calm, inner peace or, ultimately for all FlameTree recipients, the possible achievement of their life’s purpose.

My discovery creates changes in a person’s life where they did not even consider change possible! Yet, every time I applied FlameTree I observed the FlameTree effect for the recipient. Don’t just take my word for it — go to the Reviews page and see how FlameTree has helped other people.

I received overwhelming positive feedback from clients wanting to learn how to do FlameTree themselves, and that inspired me to write the FlameTree course!

By now I hope that you are feeling my inspiration and excitement! I needed to find a solution to summarise more than 20 years of my research and clinical observations so that I could bring to you the essence of my discovery in an easy to understand way, without sounding ‘airy-fairy’ or overly complex with scientific jargon.

The answer was found in my science training and research, in particular, cellular biology (stem cells) and electromagnetic fields (which I will refer to as biofields) and their effects on cells. This allowed me to develop my Stem cell and biofield hypothesis, which offers a credible scientific explanation to explain the FlameTree effect.

Join me in one of the next FlameTree bioenergetic healing and personal development courses and learn this technique for yourself. Or book into a session with myself or one of our Certified FlameTree healers here.