FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is the signature Rhett Ogston Application. A state-of-the-art, bio-energetic, personal development and healing system and an architectural, multidimensional, fractal masterpiece that has no boundaries and is limitless in its application to heal the body deeply and empower ones self towards inner growth.



Having the potential of referring to any modality past, current or created in the future. If you have considered experiencing another modality or health speciality, FlameTree can indicate which one will is the priority for you to allow you to obtain the fastest and quickest results. This includes Western medicine practices as well.



A world-first in fractal healing, FlameTree sessions navigate through the bodies 8 frequencies encouraging self healing and deep transformation. This involves the realignment & optimal communication of your mind, body and biofield, leading you on a journey of self-discovery, healing & personal growth.



FlameTree as a healing system intergrates both Western & Eastern philosophies and principles, backed by science and is based in consciousness. It’s classified as Bio-energetic medicine, Neuroplasticity and Biotechnology. FlameTree as a bio-energetic healing & personal development system, uses bio-energetic medicine’s focus and goes beyond energy medicine by healing not only the body, mind and spirit, but a further 5 frequencies of the body to bring about healing, as well as evolving a person’s personal development, in natural and a balanced way.



FlameTree is considered to be a neuroplastic application because it changes the brains neural pathways and synapses that occur as a result of the FlameTree effect. This leads to desired changes in thought, feeling, and actions which leads to changes in certain factors like behaviour, environment, or neural processes. During such changes, the brain engages in synaptic pruning, deleting the neural connections that are no longer necessary or useful, and strengthening the necessary ones for healing and personal development.

The FlameTree Mental Frequency – has been validated by world-leading expert in Neuroplasticity, Norman Doidge.



FlameTree can be considered as biotechnology because this method includes the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in health and personal development industries. FlameTree applies bioenergetic medicine to living organisms (i.e. people, plants or animals) through the use of FlameTree technology, and is growing fast and proving to be very effective and powerful. You can further your learning about the science of healing and FlameTree (including pre and post-session laboratory results) in the book available online, “The Science & Achievements of FlameTree” by Rhett Ogston.




A FlameTree Session

FlameTree sessions are gentle and in-depth. Your body will only raise to consciousness what you are able to process, face and heal. Your innate wisdoms number one purpose is survival and you have many inbuilt, automatic protective mechanisms within, therefore your innate wisdom, during a FlameTree session will only indicate blockages in the priority order that you are capable of healing at the time. With light touch from your healer on the inside of your wrist (during an in-person session), your healer will navigate through your BodyMind complex’s 8 frequencys or levels, to uncover blockages, imbalances and un-healthy bio-electric signals and cues. During, and at the end component of your session, techniques are manually applied using light touch to your head and your heart, whilst your FlameTree healer directs you to make light contact with indicated areas of your body depending on techniques indicated. In general, 2-10 techniques will be applied in every session. This will vary from session to session and person to person.

Our clients often find FlameTree difficult to explain, however raving to others that “you truly have to experience it for yourself”.

The Benefit of a FlameTree Session

In a FlameTree session one of the benefits is: an increase in the healthy expression of your bio-electric code and Beginning (the Uni-code).

When you ‘live in flow’, you live in flow with the Uni-code (universe), creator or higher self, or whatever you feel comfortable calling this state of living. By doing so, you become co-creators of your destiny. To ‘live in flow’, with alignment, synergy, authentic and synergism, translates to healthy bio-electric signals and cues, a healthy biofield and a healthy expression of the bio-electric code.

In addition to this, it allows for your cell receptors to receive the healthy transmission of you. This can only result in healthy individuals who are open to the possibility of rediscovering the beauty of the world around them and of those in it, of discovering a new level of self respect, developing a life of meaning and significance, finding trustworthy people, seeing opportunity in abundance and living from a place of knowing.

How many sessions will I need?

There is no specific answer to this question. How many layers are there in an onion?

How many years have you been alive forming unhealthy habits, beliefs, years of conditioning, sabotage, and so on has occured over your life time? How many times did you ‘not listen’ to your bodies messages? After 10 sessions of FlameTree you will not be able to return to your old self, this is enlightenment.

The general protocol recommended is 5 in 5. This means 5 sessions, 1 every 5 days, for 5 sessions. This is a general recommendation only, based on observation over the last 3 decades our founders witnessed practising FlameTree.

Some people have reaped the results they were after in only the first session and others come fortnightly for ‘tune ups’, so the journey is yours.

FlameTree addresses disease states as well as human development and transformation.

Stem cell and Biofield hypothesis

The Rhett Ogston Applications (ROA) FlameTree  ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’ offers a credible scientific explanation to explain the FlameTree effect. We start from the basic hypothesis that:


A healthy stem cell has a healthy biofield, and a healthy biofield will generate a healthy cell.

– Rhett Ogston


When I upscale this hypothesis to us as individuals, then it is easy to understand the following:


A healthy individual (made up of many stem cells and cells) has a healthy biofield, and a healthy biofield will generate a healthy individual.

Certified FlameTree Healers generate healthy bio-electric signals and cues with their brain waves, heart waves and hands, reinforced by the recipient who, after receiving FlameTree, feels more relaxed, calm and peaceful, allowing them to generate their own healing currents.

Mental states, such as intention on mindfulness and thought (healthy bio-electric signals and cues), create brain waves that lead to a healthy biofield and the healthy expression of the bio-electric code, where the biofield is in synchronisation with Schumann resonance.

The overall effect of creating these healthy bio-electric signals and cues is to interrupt their current default unhealthy neural pathways and create the potential for the person to return to their ‘stem-cell-like state’, that is their authentic or optimal self, where all possibilities exist. I propose that by Be-ing your optimal self, you will have the capacity to generate your own healing currents (a healthy biofield and expression of the bio-electric code). This would result in influencing healthy gene expression and telomere length, which translates to healthy cells. Healthy cells translate to a healthy person, and healthy people translate to a healthy community, as outlined by the fractal nature of the universe represented by a microcosm and macrocosm table.

FlameTree Mission

To Create a healing & sentient caretaker society

A sentient caretaker society is one where we all live in flow, peace and harmony, with clear communication. In a sentient caretaker society, we would be functioning ultimately, like a stem cell that allows the Earth to differentiate into a ‘healthy planet’ based on the ‘healthy biofields’ arising from the collective consciousness of this society (i.e. all earthlings).

This is one of the intentions of FlameTree: personal development & healing system, and what inspires Certified FlameTree Healers (CFTHs) to do what they do. CFTHs are uniquely positioned to help achieve a sentient caretaker society because we apply the fractal nature of the universe and FlameTree to the ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’, to find a holistic solution to healing.

The Founder


Rhett’s Mother was a victim of a careless driver in her youth.  As a result of the accident she was left with a twisted spine, which caused all sorts of pain for her.  So from a very young age, Rhett began alleviating his Mother’s pain and suffering using his innate massage skills and realised he wanted to heal people and had a gift for it.  As soon as he could afford it, he enrolled in every short course on massage.  Although he always knew he wanted to heal people, it was around the age of fourteen people started telling him ‘you really need to think about what you want to do in life’.  So this got him thinking and initially he thought he wanted to become a doctor of Western Medicine, however, in the end, his love for science won out.  He spent five years learning all there was to know about every possible science, ranging from biotechnology to pathology and physics.

During his final year of study, he was invited to become involved in an Honours project, which investigated the immunomodulatory properties of Chinese herbs. In short, using the scientific knowledge he had gained, to scientifically prove an ancient healing method and Chinese medicine formula. It can be said that in completing his Honours degree and proving scientifically the beneficial effects of an age-old medicinal system, as well as, adding to the collective body of knowledge of science, this was great goal attainment for him. After a short stint in the US, he returned and completed a degree encompassing Chinese Medicine and Human Biology at RMIT. Rhett self-funded his way through his studies, working various jobs such as fresh produce manager, night fill manager, bakery attendant, laborer, landscaper, barman, gaming machine attendant, bouncer, waiter, writer, presenter, and a scientist, to name a few.

The three most valuable things he learnt from this experience were: He did not wish to work for bosses driven only by dollars, (therefore he needed to be self-employed); working in these jobs made him realise his true passion lay in healing people to live their purpose.

He followed his path, his ability to heal people. He has now extended this healing principle into writing books to help more people worldwide, teach any individual how to be their own healer or heal others, and achieve his goal of rapidly and dynamically transforming the world!


Rhett is an inspired individual who dedicated his life to finding a solution to this problem, a limiting mindset prevents all people from reaching their life’s potential. The solution to this problem is to resolve our self-imposed limited mindset. By doing so we can all create a life where synergy, alignment and authenticity, which allows the optimum self to prevail so that one can live a life of purpose.

Albert Einstein understood that an inherent issue for all mankind was our limiting mindset and was best articulated in his renowned quote,

“problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them!”

– Albert Einstein

Australian of the year nominee, best-selling author, research scientist, life coach and innovative creator in the health and personal development industry, Rhett Ogston has dedicated himself to creating unique and revolutionary health programs and products to transform and revolutionize our mindset and hence the world!

Rhett spent 19 years studying and mapping the bodies frequencies through their connection with various healing systems. Rhett has worked tirelessly and endlessly obtaining multiple degrees in Science, human biology, Chinese medicine, Reiki, Massage, Coaching, Personal training, Aromatherapy and more, in his effort to understand the body scientifically, holistically, bio-energetically and mindfully. After decades of study and multiple qualification, Rhett discovered a new way of achieving holistic & medical wellness and created the FlameTree System. This system takes into account the Mind-Body Connection, biofields and a plethora of natural therapies & healing techniques in one. It is a unique and profound new way to improve your wellbeing holistically whilst also integrating all other Eastern & Western therapies that may be the priority and essential solution for your journey to wellness.

“My own journey of self-discovery and education led me first to learn to read and understand scientific literature, before beginning the challenge of reading through copious amounts. I then tested possible theories that I came up with in order to discoversomething that consistently works. It took me over 20 years, but I have documented and systematised this information for you. I have created my solutions for you through the Rhett Ogston Applications (ROAs), with my signature ROA, being FlameTree: the personal development & healing system. I’d love for you to experience a session or join me at one of the next FlameTree courses.” – Rhett


Rhett consistently aims at the highest possible standards not only for himself but for every book he writes, every product he produces, every technique he creates, every system he founds, every team member he trains. Rhett’s unyielding quest to create the best technology, designed in the most logical and simple way, that is easy to understand and intuitive to use has generated the solution that is robust (e.g. his technologies can be used anywhere, by anyone, at any time) and easy to implement.


A free mindset is simple when in an environment applied with Rhett Ogston Applications (ROAs), as he has created systems and technologies for trained team members, using only ROA compatible products and techniques providing endless possibilities of living a life of health and purpose, to be fully appreciated by consumers.


 “What Steve Jobs was to computers and technology,

 Rhett Ogston is to health and personal development”


– Dr George Dellas (Chinese Medicine)



FlameTree is not the ‘I’ culture that is being created by others — the iPhone, the iPad, the i-cars, the i-whatever! When you make the choice to invest in FlameTree, whether that is to book into a FlameTree course, online or face-to-face, or call one of our certified FlameTree healers, you are creating the opportunity to create healthy bio-electric signals and cues, which I believe will result in, not only a healthy you, but a healthy collective community. By taking action now, you will assist us to achieve what I call ‘the 3 Ws’. THE 3 W’S I live my life by the 3 Ws. All of my decisions are based on the following three wins — you win, I win, and the community wins.


Based on all the scientific research I have presented to you that explains the FlameTree effect, you have the potential to do whatever you need to do! For you, this could be the potential for better health, reduced pain, an abundance of joy, calmness, contentment, inspiration, freedom, energy and health, or a zest for life, where you are living your authentic life and being your optimal self. The choice is yours! As the ROA motto says:


By ‘I’, I am referring to Certified FlameTree Healers, who are able to assist others to join us living this inspired life — and we get paid for doing something we love while observing people like you returning back to the Beginning, so that you are able to make the choice to be who you are meant to be in this life, whoever that is, as defined by you (not us).


Imagine a world where every single person is living their life from a place of abundant joy, calmness, contentment, inspiration, freedom, energy and health, and having a zest for life because they are doing exactly what they are meant to be doing with their life; living optimally and living their life of purpose. This is what I refer to as our sentient caretaker society!

Live optimally, live purposefully™ 

FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is the signature Rhett Ogston Application