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FlameTree Healing Reviews


To anyone who wants a miracle,

My daughter, CB, became sick with a condition called Linear IGA Disease in February 2007. I took her to the local doctor who referred her onto hospital – where she stayed for two days. Within this time the pediatric doctor and top specialist from a leading Brisbane hospital did not know what was wrong. After many tests, the results were inconclusive.   While CB was in the hospital, Rhett personally came to the hospital and worked on CB for 4 hours. Within that period she appeared to become calmer and the pain subsided. That night I discharged her from the hospital, as I was not getting the desired answers to my questions.   For the next eight weeks, I nursed CB back to health with the amazing support of Rhett who worked into the hours researching the possible causes and ways to treat her. Nothing was ever too much trouble. I would call a couple of times in the middle of the night for support in helping calm and alleviate the pain CB was in. The honesty, integrity, love and support I received from Rhett was phenomenal.   Once the 5cm blisters on CB’s feet and blisters on her elbows, tongue, knees, hands healed, I took her back to visit a leading dermatologist in Brisbane and he was absolutely amazed at the recovery she had made. I noted that he was surprised that the blisters had not returned yet. With this condition, the blisters are meant to reappear on a regular basis until she is 13 years old. It is nearly two years ago this happened and the blisters have not returned.   I would personally like to thank Rhett from the bottom of my heart for the absolute professionalism, love, care and concern he showed CB, my family and myself. I am his best advocate as I know he gets the results and saved my daughter from a life of pain.   Ms. M. B, Brisbane  


“I’ve spent the last 5 years exploring personal development, and personal healing. My journey has taken me in various different directions, including Tony Robbin events, LandMark courses and different seminars hosted by various providers. These courses contribute to better understanding the “mental and directional” answers to most of life’s questions, however FlameTree is on another level. FlameTrees provides the spiritual awakening and healing our soul so desperately seeks. The system that Rhett has created, explores the deep innate and connects us with who we truly are, who we’re meant to be, and who we were born to be – the warrior within”.  

Bart Phaosihavong (2022)      


I attended the clinic, after receiving little help from Western medicine and am very pleased I did. My main concern was with my liver, due to elevated enzymes for some months and the diagnosis of fatty liver disease. I had also lost 12 kg in weight during this time and was experiencing ill health not only physically but also mentally. Rhett has treated me on three occasions now with FlameTree, an energetic healing process. Within the first hour of my treatment, he had assessed my problems and proceeded to diagnose exactly the course of my ill health. It was like attending a panel of doctors all have the same time and resulted in a very holistic approach to health. The energetic healing was not invasive or scary and the knowledge that my inner self was in control was evidenced in the first session. My heart was the cause of my problems and he set about fixing that first. Subsequent visits were very enlightening and several other issues were identified and treated. It is very effective and comforting to have the connection between mental and physical well being explained and realigned. After every treatment, there was a feeling of calmness and well-being.   Mrs. P. W, Brisbane 10 August 2009 



I have been going to doctors for years trying to get answers to my low energy levels. I had a fatty liver, degenerative gallbladder disease, migraines and was obese. Doctors had told me I had up to two years left to live if I was lucky. I changed my diet to everything liver friendly. I changed my thoughts from dying to positive affirmations and I developed my spirituality.   Late in 2006, a friend recommended I see Rhett.

Although no longer sick, I was still ‘not quite right’ and had no answers as to why. I had never heard of flame tree but decided to keep an open mind. Because of my medical history and past experiences, I was not so open-minded towards practitioners. Before I’d even met Rhett, I had expectations placed on him. He needed to be honest, trustworthy, of high integrity and knowledgeable in his field of work. Basically, he had to ‘prove’ himself to me. I thought a few treatments would give me enough time to decide whether Rhett and flame tree was right for me.   I explained my physical, mental and spiritual issues. I was feeling lost and confused as to which direction to take my life in. I did psychic readings, which I loved, but I felt something was missing. I wasn’t reaching my full potential and I didn’t know what my block was. During those initial sessions, Rhett mentioned that weight loss was a priority for me. I think I brushed him off, because as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t. I was interested in the other effects these treatments were having.  

My asthma improved, my Ventolin use went from one to two times a day to once or twice a week. My headaches stopped. I have more energy, I began to feel more focused and balanced, I started to feel better. I even felt happier. It was close to Christmas so after these initial treatments, I didn’t see Rhett for several weeks. Ironically, this was when Rhett ‘proved’ himself to me. He did say weight loss was a priority, whether I believed it or not. I respected that he stuck to his word. I started to notice that my clothes were becoming looser, so I weighed myself. Over the Christmas holidays, I lost 10 kg and went down a dress size. I’d eaten so much food that an increase of 10 kg was more logical and likely. I became a true believer Rhett and of The FlameTree. My body was proof that something was working.  

After several months my life had totally turned around. I went from a dress size 26 to size 20 shirts and size 18 pants. I lost over 25 kg. I even bought swimmers for the first time in over a decade, a size 16. I didn’t diet, I did have more energy, so was more active, yet I didn’t do any form of exercise. My career has taken off. I’ve grown and developed in areas I’d never imagined. My work now entirely fulfils me. Possibly another side effect from these treatments was my love life improving. After being single for six years I met a wonderful man. I credit Rhett with giving me my life back.   Thanks to him I found myself again and I liked what I found. I cannot recommend Rhett highly enough. He proved himself to be of high integrity, honest and trustworthy. His knowledge and abilities are exceptional. Bottom line; FlameTree treatments work!  

Deepest regards,   Ms. D.F, Brisbane


I had been living with depression for over five years, I just didn’t realise how serious it was. My depression later developed into a form of anxiety at the age of the 15. I used to have over 11 anxiety attacks a day and felt as though I couldn’t live a normal life. I went to every doctor I could find, had every possible test done and spoke to counsellors and no one could solve my problem. As my problems were occurring from my parents and life at home, I couldn’t even speak to my own family. I had so many problems I felt like just nothing was worth living for any more and I felt like just giving up. A neighbour had recommended Rhett who specialises in a treatment called FlameTree. I wasn’t aware of this treatment but as I had no more hope I thought there would be no harm in trying something new. Rhett was fantastic, I had just spoken to him for the first time in my life and he was so understanding, easy going and so helpful it felt as though I had known him. The next morning I woke up so happy and without a care in the world, I couldn’t remember the last time I was that happy. It was just amazing to know that after one session I felt like I was a different person. I believe this treatment does work and anyone who has lost all hope should at least give this treatment a try.   Miss R.D, NSW


Thank you FlameTree, from my first session 2020 Feb to today 2022… 26/4/2022!!! Transformed me from what I was and my belief system to now how confident and I look amazing! I couldn’t do it without you guys. I owe FlameTree to becoming powerful and confident in myself.

Sev Kazim 2022


Hi Rhett, I thought I’d write to you to let you know of the amazing difference you have made for me. As you know I had been through a fair amount of personal trauma last year. My stepfather had an accident and got 99% brain damage and passed away, my relationship with my girlfriend ended as a result of the upset and pressure, my family (mother and brother) and myself couldn’t cope, my job and finances had suffered badly. I just couldn’t cope anymore from the worry, upset and depression. Some friends of mine encouraged me to see you, as they knew you could help. Yah right!!! Was what I was thinking. I am pretty sceptical about natural healing. But what can I say, you proved me wrong. In the first few sessions, I would always walk in very sceptical, only to leave blown away.

You immediately pinpointed so ACCURATELY what was going on for more and I didn’t even tell you. I remember so many amazing experiences I had with you… The first day you worked on me, with FlameTree, I could just feel all the upset and stress being sucked out of my body, right there on the spot… Amazing! Finally, peace was my thought.   On my second FlameTree visit, you identified some health issues that I was storing in my body, for example, major back and neck pain, headaches, sore feet. You always explained why this was happening, how it happened and where I was storing my emotional pain. Your accuracy of how this was created was so spot on. WOW! Are you psychic? How did you know about what happened to me as a child or last year in my relationship or in a relationship I had six years ago? You even almost got their names right.   I’d laugh during your sessions because when you would be explaining what you were picking up I’d be thinking “oh my god, how do you know that?!” then you’d touch a part of my body and say “this is where you are storing that energy/pain” and I would go “god that hurts there, how do you know that?” Time to stop being sceptical and let the guy do his magic. And again, the pain would be gone by the end of the session.   Crazy thing is a couple of times when I was at home and would get upset about losing two people I love you’d call at that VERY moment out of the blue and say “hey Adam, I was just picking up you’re pretty upset right now, anyway I’m working on it for you”. Yep, you are psychic for sure! There are so many things you addressed; fixed and transformed I couldn’t even get it all down for you. Here’s one of those many “strange” but amazing things I got that I didn’t even come into get. A few days after the second session I looked down at my hand and “what the” I had three not so nice looking warts on my left hand as long as I could remember … “GONE” and are still gone. BLOW ME AWAY!  

Immediately from my first session, all the way through and even now since we have finished I have gotten amazing results thanks to you. I have started my own business, never get neck or back pain, feel so very happy, I don’t get stressed very often and when I do it’s only for a few minutes, I’m complete with my ex-girlfriend, my stepfathers death and have no upset … just acceptance and absolute love for both of them. I sleep extremely well, my energy is through the roof … Even my mother and brother have had lots of luck and great things happening for them too which I also contribute as a side effect of me seeing you. I am unstoppable and loving it. Life is always getting better and better. Rhett, you know what makes you so different, you’re deadly accurate, you get results fast and most importantly it’s not about the money… it’s about truly helping those in need. Thank you for your compassion, humanity and the incredible difference you made to me.   Warmly, Mr A.K, Brisbane



Rhett, Thank you for a most effective FlameTree session on Friday 21/08. The powerful treatment went to the heart of the matter of all of the issues that were dealt with. The effect for me could be likened to a ‘jump start’ which was global and seamless. This has left me feeling as though I have been ‘tweaked’ to a more elevated plane of vibration. I give thanks for the work that you have been given to do – enhancing my soul connection to continue the work of positively impacting the lives of people spiritually, with a special mention for Africa Rising. Live in The Light.  

Mrs E.C, S. Africa


I’ve been a client of Qi Health Clinic for over a year and I have always been impressed with Rhett, and FlameTree’s ability to help me get through difficult times. Rhett is an excellent practitioner. He has an uncanny ability to quickly understand what you’re going through; to work with you; and give you treatment and techniques that loosen Trouble’s grip, all strengthened by FlameTree.   Recently, I went through a traumatic time where I contemplated ending my life. I was in such a terrible state that I wanted to jump off a bridge and I started to make plans for this. I felt so desperate and helpless like there was no other exit except to die. I remember sitting in a park late in the afternoon, crying and asking for help to come to me when Dr Rhett’s name came into my head. This was unusual because I hadn’t seen Rhett for a couple of months, as I was working with another counsellor; so, I was surprised his name came to me so urgently. As it was late, I didn’t think that I could make a last minute appointment to see him that day, but Rhett stayed back so he could treat me (for two hours!). He made time for me because I was a valued client.   I can’t thank Rhett enough. It is cliché to say that he saved my life, but I walked out of that FlameTree session a different person and I remained that way for many days. The day after, I walked the same path but instead thought how wonderful the world was. I saw the same things but instead appreciated them. I remembered the pain of what brought me to see Rhett, but instead, it felt lighter and ephemeral. It is for this experience as well as the many other times that Rhett has helped me, that I commend his dedication to me as a client and his substantial abilities as a healer and recommend him to prospective clients.  

Ms. B.D, Brisbane


I started treatment with Rhett about three years ago and was amazed at the instant results. I had suffered migraines all my life and found that they disappeared with one FlameTree treatment. Rhett helped me with so many areas of my life and body, but I had personal issues and projected these onto Rhett and decided to stop treatment, as I had said some nasty things to him and was too embarrassed to continue treatment. About 18 months later I was suffering from anxiety and after suffering for six months with it I decided to call Rhett. I trusted him and knew he could help me but I was a bit hesitant because of what I had said to him and wasn’t sure if he wanted to treat me. When I called Rhett, he treated me without judging past actions and made me feel very welcome and comfortable and he treated me exactly the same as he used to. Over the past seven years I have lost three pregnancies, all girls and Rhett discovered it was because I thought girls would be hard to raise (which after some reflection, I must say was deadly accurate). He treated me for this with FlameTree and my next pregnancy was a girl, she is now four months old. Her name is Aliza Jayne. Here are some pictures of my baby girl, thanks so much for helping me   Miss. M.G, Melbourne


Interesting that FlameTree picked up that terminology; you see I never use that word. I do however find myself saying things EXACTLY like that in my head, you know, when you get a lot of oestrogen functioning or working in the same place and that we need a balance of testosterone. You and FlameTree are so, so accurate. Spot on! I’m speechless. Thank you for everything thus far. My skin has always been very clear. When I begun to see spots appearing on my face, I was extremely concerned, but long ago gave up hope of changing this. To have FlameTree correctly identify the cause of the spots and balance me to it, so the spots disappeared…what else can one say? Hallelujah! I love that FlameTree pinpoints the cause (the women at work) and can alleviate the symptoms. I have also been standing my ground more and feel incredibly empowered since my last session, I credit FlameTree with this massive transformation. Thanks for your support.   Ms. C.C, London


Thank you so much Rhett. I’ve been drinking water like a drunken woman, so it makes sense now that I know FlameTree picked up osmosis! I also broke up with my boyfriend last night … we are taking an extended break. It’s all very strange but quiet and peaceful for the time being.   Thanks to FlameTree I feel calm and powerful, even amidst this turmoil. I have been very energetic too. I have noticed that my thoughts are changing, like what you said might happen, been that my brain’s doing a big reshuffle. I’ve been feeling more at ease and it’s easier to talk to people and be positive, so that’s great. I have found it easier to be genuine too.   Love Ms. P.P


Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to snap you out of complacency and back into life. Some time ago the doctor told me I had the liver of a 90-year-old heavy drinker yet I wasn’t even 40 and didn’t drink (alcohol that is). He told me not to bother planning my 40th Birthday party ‘cause I may not be here. So started my journey into alternative healing and personal development. Having looked into and tried various products and healing modalities, I was well on my way to a good recovery. All of these things worked to a degree but I felt that none of them really dealt with the root cause of what was really going on.   Then along came Rhett. During the first session, I was beginning to wonder if he was on something. Then, out of the blue, he starts making statements about my past that only I knew about and had mostly forgotten. Even though he explained what he was doing, my inquisitive mind wanted to know more. What is this system called and why had I not found it before? The thought of four days of intensive training scared the hell out of me. But I had to know more about this system. And it’s backed up by science, the one subject I chose not to do at school, too many big words. It was easy and fun, complex and yet so simple. Just follow the step-by-step protocol and even I can do it. Now FlameTree has set my life back on fire. I’m more focused, know where I’m going and no longer do the stories of my past sabotage or play any part in my future. I had two major contracts offered to me in the first week and I can quickly and easily identify other people’s agendas. Something that is very useful in Business. Thanks, Rhett, for making this system available to the rest of the world.   Mr C. R, Jimboomba, 10 August 2009


It is somewhat difficult for me to write about this specific experience with FlameTree. It is difficult, not because the memories that I am stirring are terribly painful, but rather, as a result of The FlameTree system, I am now so removed from the emotion I once felt, I no longer feel anguish and sorrow while thinking about the related events in my past. I no longer have the stifling restrictions that were triggered by my memories. Restrictions that once made me subject to feelings of melancholy, hate towards my body, anger and resentment towards blondes and an inability to say no, where I’d almost lose consciousness when I did.   For a period spanning more than 13 months of my life, the only decision I made for myself, was to let someone else make all of my decisions for me. As an adolescent, I experienced abuse at the hands of a former female friend. Until recently, emotional, mental, physical and sexual scars were still evident, both on my body and as a part of my soul. Each day I’d wake ill with fear, worry and exhaustion. Before the day essential began, I would pray the sun was setting. Like a puppet on a string I obeyed and followed.  

My body, our temple, could be compared to that of an addict…it was put through many a situation where it was treated with disrespect, contempt and sadism. Not only did I let my identity and life wilt under the control of this girl…but also, my heart was consistently being torn from my chest. My first love fought to understand where the ‘me’ had gone. He gave up on me letting someone else run my life. Yet still, the heartache I suffered from this, the love I lost…it didn’t change how I behaved in other relationships in my life. I’d grown more introverted and further away from ‘me.’ I do not know if I can ever express exactly how much I appreciate Rhett and the decades of study, work, sacrifice and commitment that he has dedicated in creating such a flawless and altruistic system – The FlameTree: the personal development & healing system. What I do know though, is The FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is an immeasurable and incomparable gift that Dr. Rhett has given the world. A gift that we need to take forth and share with our families, our friends and more then anyone, those who we are yet to know. Eternally awakened…  

Miss C.B, Brisbane, 12 October 2009


The FlameTree: the personal development & healing system has taught me how to speed read and put myself into a learning state. So the idea of my child repeating school no longer scares me. I now have the knowledge to make a difference in her life too, and I am very confident in that decision. The FlameTree: the personal development & healing system can help not only my family’s health but also their wellbeing. The FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is a revolutionary healing system, I think the best out there for at least four reasons.

1. If some other modality will save time and help the client to quicker results this will show up in the beginning of the session.

2. It deals with so many different parts of the body at the one time.

3. BUT I think it stands alone when it does the first priority of your body first – I do not know another system out there that does. e.g. To make lasagna you have to brown the onions first before anything else, the steps need to be in order to make it work and last.

4. It is backed up completely by science.   The fundamentals of this system can be taught in 4 days, and you do not need to have a science degree to do it. It is taught by a motivated, enthusiastic and passionate leader Rhett who wants to help humanity by making something so simple yet so truly dynamic available to every person out there.  

The results from just one session can have wide and lasting implications. Working on my right hip has had such a dramatic impact on my energy levels, my sleeping patterns (I do not need as much sleep and wake more rested). This has also impacted on my bladder, even though my bladder did not come up in my session. I have been able to sleep on my back something I have not been able to do in over a year. (Even though I have been going to a Physiotherapist for over a year, initially twice a week, then to one visit per week and then to every three weeks – simply due to money constraints) – I was getting results, but nothing as dramatic or as quick as this has given me, I had not been able to sleep on my back.)

My walking has improved; when I stand up I do not feel I have to lock my hip into place when standing from a seated position. I can stand on my right leg to put my shoe on my left foot, just to place my weight on my right leg previously was very painful, just to slip a shoe on. I don’t think anybody really has any idea of what this means to me. I had to have a pair of jeans taken up 10cm on the right leg. So this improvement is HUGE. I now get more out of my day, doing housework- by lunchtime that was it – sit down – if I continued which generally I would have too (I have two small kids) this meant that by early afternoon-evening I was so stiff and sore I could hardly walk.  

Mrs N.L, Manly West, 12 August 2009