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Innate wisdom – the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary defines innate as ‘1. inborn; natural 2. philosophy; originating in the mind’. It defines wisdom as ‘the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise; listen to his words of wisdom’. In FlameTree, we define ‘innate wisdom’ as the intelligence that keeps our BodyMind complex in balance (homeostasis) and re-establishes homeostasis (allostasis) that works synergistically to maintain BodyMind complex stability. It is the intelligence that animates us. Our innate wisdom knows everything that makes us who we are. Our innate wisdom knows which areas of our BodyMind complex need to be addressed to achieve balance or to re-establish balance to our bitfield for healing. It could be considered as a video camera that sits on our shoulder, silently recording every experience, emotion, event and so on that we have ever been through. It is the voice that whispers to us to eat healthily, go for a walk to clear our head and when we need to sleep. It is our record keeper of all our genetic information, all our experiences, every emotion we have ever felt, all our physical, mental and spiritual ailments. It has kept all of these records for the day we came into existence. It could be thought of like the professor of you, as well as being the entity that the CFTH or FlameTree student consults.