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You are probably aware of people out there claiming they have all the answers to your life’s purpose. I have been to almost every self-help course, and read almost every self-help book.

I can confidently say that not one of them had all the answers in the one place, let alone offered any systematised or scientific approach for their assertions.

What they had in excess was the presenter’s or author’s opinions about my life, which was relevant some of the time, but most of the time not at all.


They all had similar messages — ‘Do what you are passionate about’, ‘Only you can sell yourself, and why shouldn’t you?’ Although this is stating the obvious, not one of these courses or books effectively shared how to change yourself and live your life’s purpose if you have:

  • a poor belief in yourself
  • self-esteem issues
  • money and relationship issues
  • a family that does not support you
  • addiction issues
  • an under-functioning optimal self.

The absence of this systematised information inspired me to go on my own journey of self-discovery — to find solutions to what was lacking in all those other self-help courses and books. I knew this would assist me, but also others like you, searching for a real answer to create change in your life, find your purpose and prosper from your passion.