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I will use the analogy that ‘you’ are the ‘stem cell’, and like a stem cell, you have a limitless potential to become anything you want.

You need to recall that you started life from two cells (sperm and ovum), and are now an organism of over 100 trillion cells, organised and influenced by bio-electric signals and cues. Essentially you are a community of communicating single cells making up a multicellular organism! Therefore, I like to think that all individuals, like a stem cell, possess the unique property of having the limitless potential to become any type of individual they choose, whether that is Be-ing a healthy person or being a dis-eased person. Be-ing encourages life to flow with the energies of the universe, harmoniously and peacefully. The process of Be-ing is reflected in a life of endless possibilities, harmony and peace. It is an active process where you are involved in every aspect of your life, and it is based on how we think (this concept is discussed in more detail in my book called The golden ring). Who would ever choose to be a dis-eased person? No one! But have you made a conscious choice to be a healthy person with limitless potential, to be the eternal warrior of your life? No one I know has until they receive FlameTree! I explain this concept more in my books The eternal worrier’s/warrior’s smile and From full to overflowing.

The exciting part of my analogy is, like a stem cell, irrespective of who you currently are, the potential to return back to a ‘stem-cell like state’ before the ‘trigger’ that initiated the differentiation process into that specialised cell (i.e. the current you) is possible! You can go back to the drawing board! And according to the science of neuroplasticity, whatever neural pathways have been created within your brain and become your defaults (e.g. self-limiting belief systems) can change, provided you become consciously aware of them and make the choice to choose a healthier desired outcome.

For example, you can make the choice to rewire your brain from being the eternal worrier of your life to Be-ing the eternal warrior of your life, which means you can be congruent with your life and take action from a place of knowing. You need no justification when making choices if you already know your life’s direction, goals, hopes and aspirations. By living from this place, you are self-generating healthy bio-electric signals and cues, a healthy biofield, and the healthy expression of your bio-electric code. You can seamlessly and easily attract to you all that is good and right. FlameTree can be the interruption that dedifferentiates the current you to a place where every possibility in the universe still potentially exists, so you can make the choice of Be-ing your optimal self, whatever this means for you.

Two questions that might come to your mind are: ‘What is the trigger that stimulates a stem cell to divide into either a healthy or dis-eased cell?’ and ‘How can FlameTree be the trigger to stimulate the optimal you?’ This brings me to the second part of my analogy — the biofield.