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The ‘optimal self’ is a life lived in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism, which I refer to as Being. When you are Being, you are consciously aware of your ability to make the choice to:

  • act on your innate wisdom’s guidance, and listen to the interaction between:
  • your gut (your insight)
  • your heart (your intuition)
  • your brain/mind (your consciousness).
  • ‘feel good’ or ‘feel not good’
  • redefine emotions so that you are making the choice to process, express and respond to your emotions while understanding their three key roles
  • adopt what I refer to as the Law of Creation, which I discuss in more detail in chapters 8 and 13 of my book The eternal worrier’s/warrior’s smile
  • Be the eternal warrior and use the eternal warrior mindset.


With the warrior mindset you escape your childhood programming (from the ages of 0–6), society influences, and your own limiting beliefs about yourself (e.g. I am not smart or pretty enough), which are a source of unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues. Your optimal self is unique and specific to you. It comes from a place that makes your authentic life’s purpose a priority, allowing you to live optimally and live purposefully, aware of the ‘who you are actually Be-ing (a healthy source of bio-electric signals and cues).