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We are now at the point where I can bring together the stem cell and biofield — you may be able to see where my research and analytical mind are heading.

My ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’ offers a credible scientific explanation to explain the FlameTree effect. We start from the basic hypothesis that:


A healthy stem cell (bio-electric code) has a healthy biofield, and a healthy biofield will generate a healthy cell (bio-electric code).


When I upscale this hypothesis to us as individuals, then it is easy to understand the following:


A healthy individual (made up of many stem cells and cells) has a healthy biofield, and a healthy biofield will generate a healthy individual.


Certified FlameTree Healers generate healthy bio-electric signals and cues with their brain waves, heart waves and hands, reinforced by the recipient who, after receiving FlameTree, feels more relaxed, calm and peaceful, allowing them to generate their own healing currents.

Mental states, such as intention on mindfulness and thought (healthy bio-electric signals and cues), create brain waves that lead to a healthy biofield and the healthy expression of the bio-electric code, where the biofield is in synchronisation with Schumann resonance.

The overall effect of creating these healthy bio-electric signals and cues is to interrupt their current default unhealthy neural pathways and create the potential for the person to return to their ‘stem-cell like state’, that is their authentic or optimal self, where all possibilities exist. I propose that by Be-ing your optimal self, you will have the capacity to generate your own healing currents (a healthy biofield and expression of the bio-electric code). This would result in influencing healthy gene expression and telomere length [pdf], which translates to healthy cells. Healthy cells translate to a healthy person, and healthy people translate to a healthy community, as outlined by the fractal nature of the universe represented by a microcosm and macrocosm table [pdf].

The person who receives FlameTree may have increased energy, vitality, inspiration and health. As an example, you can watch this video [v] of a FlameTree recipient returning to a stem-cell like state after healthy energy fields were created by FlameTree.