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Rhys’s story

Rhys was surprised to receive Celia’s call, but happy to take it. It had been 12 months since they last spoke after their amicable break-up. Rhys knew that Celia struggled with reaching out and opening up to people. He could sense from her voice that she hadn’t moved on and desperately needed help! Rhys had recently celebrated his 45th birthday and did not feel a day over 30! This was evident in the posts that captured Celia’s attention. When they were a couple, they had both struggled with low energy levels, always feeling tired and lethargic, which negatively impacted on their social life.

Celia could not believe the newfound vibrancy and energy that Rhys’s posts and voice revealed! He had lost weight, he was smiling, and in the photos on social media, he was holding a baby, his baby. She had to ask him the questions: How did he get over the grief of the miscarriage of their child? What was happening in his life? Rhys explained that he was the proud father of a six-month-old boy. He woke up each morning smiling because he is living his ideal life. He had an endless supply of energy, inspiration, contentment and gratitude.

Celia was confused! When she had accidently fallen pregnant, Rhys was overjoyed, and then with the miscarriage at 12 weeks, she recalled Rhys being completely devastated, and had assumed that he never wanted to risk going through those feelings ever again. This was one of the reasons that contributed to their relationship breakdown! Rhys had not been in the emotional space to enter into a new relationship or consider having children after their break up, until these issues were raised and subsequently cleared in his FlameTree healing sessions. Rhys explained to Celia that, since these sessions, he was able to express any type of emotion without risk of hurting himself, his loved ones and anyone else that he interacted with, something that Celia found remarkable, because Rhys never previously said more than two words about an emotion or how he felt!

Celia was even more surprised to hear how Rhys was now able to relate to his new spouse with the true power of intimacy which ignites passion, enthusiasm, authenticity, sensitivity and an open heart. She could not recall this occurring when they were together, particularly after the miscarriage, and she had blamed herself for this. Celia could hear Rhys’s friends having a good time in the background. Rhys shared that everyone enjoyed being around him now because he could communicate his true feelings to them with clarity and compassion, and accept theirs without judgment. Rhys shared with Celia that he perceived what he used to see as ‘life’s problems’ as opportunities for success.

He now knew with absolute certainty how his life would unfold because he recognised that he had a unique gift that only he could offer the world. By now, Celia was not sure what to feel. Rhys had completely transformed into the person she desired to have in her life, or to emulate. How could he have changed?

Since having FlameTree, Rhys experienced everlasting abundance in spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing. Celia was bewildered because she could hear this in Rhys’s voice, and in the way that he was sharing with her his life changes since experiencing FlameTree. She just knew that he was not the ‘same’ Rhys! Rhys no longer suffered from the false ideals of masculinity projected by society. Instead, he chose to hold the energy of being masculine and a provider, while seamlessly balancing work, social status, exercise, family and personal life. He calmly and easily designed what he desired exactly as he needed it, providing a sense of freedom and abundance and the knowledge that he is deserving of all that he manifests.

Celia was flabbergasted that in such a short space of time Rhys was living a fulfilled life! How did FlameTree do this? She thought years of therapy were needed to achieve the change Rhys had experienced, let alone be living a fulfilled life, something that was so clearly lacking in Celia’s life. Celia just had to ask: ‘What is FlameTree?’, to which Rhys responded.

How FlameTree helped Rhys

‘What is FlameTree?’ was a recurring question when Rhys explained to people how FlameTree had helped him create the changes that had transformed his life. Rhys, with a cheeky smile, responded by saying: ‘FlameTree is the “lazy man’s way” of reaching peace and abundance and healing on all levels!’

Celia related to Rhys’s emotional laziness, but did not understand what he meant. He explained that all he needed to do was turn up to the clinic and his Certified FlameTree Healer (CFTH) did the rest. His CFTH stood beside him while he got to lie down on a massage table and relax! The CFTH gently pulled on his arm (something to do with a muscle–tendon reflex to find out what issues (unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues) were disturbing his biofield and needed to be cleared for that session.

Rhys knew that any of his attempts to explain FlameTree would not really do it justice and as he always did, he directed Celia to the FlameTree website. There she could download the FlameTree ebook or listen to the audio file, both of which offered a better explanation than he could give. He also told her to click on the testimonial page so she could gauge the range of issues FlameTree may assist. What was important to Rhys was that FlameTree had given him the power to change his life. Rhys wanted Celia to help herself because he genuinely cared for her, and offered to purchase a FlameTree session for her.

He explained that if it were not for his closest friend, Anthony, he would never have gone. Rhys had been a sceptic, and had associated ‘healings’ with unscientific ‘airy-fairy hippy stuff’, until he experienced FlameTree for himself. Rhys explained to Celia that, regardless of what occurred in his life, when he walked into his CFTH’s clinic and began the session, his CFTH always picked up on what was important to him with uncanny accuracy. Rhys, with a smile, recalled his first FlameTree session for Celia as an example of what he meant, and by doing so answered her question of how he managed to move past the miscarriage.

He asked Celia if she remembered his emotional meltdown. How could she forget? This was what his CFTH identified in that first session. Rhys had been ‘blown away’ when the CFTH told him that there were the emotions of depression and grief, identified as an emotionally charged memory, originating from a past event which occurred in June of last year, on the 23rd day, and the memory was of a miscarriage! How did his CFTH know this information? No one else but Celia and Rhys knew about the miscarriage and his emotional reaction to it, not even his best friend Anthony! Everything the CFTH identified was spot on, yet the CFTH was not a psychic or clairvoyant! He continued to explain that the emotional frequency is only one of eight, and that FlameTree was engineered in such a way that it can discover and clear any issue!

Even more unbelievable was that, after that first FlameTree session, the heavy, lethargic burden that was Rhys’s depression and grief was cleared away! His CFTH told him that, after that first session, a possible change would be that he would feel lighter and have a bowel motion — they were right! Rhys immediately felt like a weight had been lifted off his entire body, and he had an explosive bowel motion that evening. Rhys told Celia that it felt as if he had let go of a 10-tonne weight that he was carrying around with him. It had felt quite liberating, as Rhys innately knew that he had let go of a deeply held issue. The next morning, Rhys woke feeling an amazing sense of harmony and calmness within himself. Words could not adequately explain what Rhys felt, but he knew that he had to go back for more!

Not only did Rhys have more FlameTree sessions, he enrolled in the FlameTree course to get a better understanding of what had been occurring for him. He shared with Celia that he was so inspired by the life-changing content that he was considering becoming CFTH himself so he can assist others as he was assisted.

Celia could only ask: ‘What are the contact details of your certified FlameTree healer?’

Celia had made her choice … what’s your choice?