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FlameTree: the personal development and healing system offer you an incredible amount of content in regards to the multiple frequencies of the body that are included in the system. The materials and manuals are state-of-the-art in healing and energy medicine, providing you information and learning that will leave you on the edge of your seat ready to make unbelievable changes in your life. The FlameTree course makes learning about health and the human body simple and categorical, absolutely anyone to learn it, not just qualified health practitioners. 

Come and learn about the eight frequencies of the body, the human biofield, the Absolute Consciousness, the URC (fractal pattern of the bio-electric code physically expressed), cognitive resonance or dissonance, how to live in alignement, synergy, authenticity and synergism™, and the individual process to reach your optimal and true self, health and development.

“For four years I have been struggling with muscle testing in my confidence and technique. I had seen many practitioners and had lots of work done on the issue, but I never felt a shift. One 20-minute session with Dr Rhett and the shift happened. He explained the technique, I practised and no more anxiety, it was that easy. Next day started doing sessions and I had no uncertainty the testing was clear and have not had any drama since. He showed me the technique, kept it simple and gave me a logical and satisfying explanation. I can’t thank him enough. Like I said that 20 minutes changed my life.”

– Miss M, Brisbane, 2008