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How FlameTree can help you


Finding and living your life’s purpose means doing exactly what you were meant to do, the sole reason you are here, that only you can do (your unique purpose), and doing it in the way you were meant to do it, as defined by the Unicode. When you live your life’s purpose, you can achieve infinite potential and prosper!



Certified FlameTree Healers may assist you to achieve your life purpose, living optimally, health and personal development by locating, neutralising and releasing unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues, such as limiting beliefs and emotional stress. This can interrupt the default neural pathways associated with your unhealthy bio-electric signals and cues. Through the FlameTree effect, this may result in an environment of healthy bio-electric signals and cues that can become self-sustaining for you. This then supports a healthy biofield which subsequently influences the healthy expression of the bio-electric code.

The FlameTree effect may restore your innate ability to heal yourself by returning you to a ‘stem cell-like state’, as explained in my ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’. You may regain Being in alignment, synergy, authenticity and synergism, so that you resume Being your optimal self and achieve your unique purpose in life — Being the eternal warrior of your life as explained in my book The eternal worrier’s/warrior’s smile.

I will provide you with the science and evidence to validate the technologies behind my applications so that you can make up your own mind. It is my hope that, by applying ROAs, it will not take you 20 years to discover your life’s purpose!

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