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FlameTree is not the ‘I’ culture that is being created by others — the iPhone, the iPad, the i-cars, the i-whatever!


When you make the choice to invest in FlameTree, whether that is to book into a FlameTree course, online or face-to-face, or call one of our certified FlameTree healers, you are creating the opportunity to create healthy bio-electric signals and cues, which I believe will result in, not only a healthy you, but a healthy collective community.

By taking action now, you will assist us to achieve what I call ‘the 3 Ws’.



I live my life by the 3 Ws. All of my decisions are based on the following three wins — you win, I win, and the community wins.



Based on all the scientific research I have presented to you that explains the FlameTree effect, you have the potential to do whatever you need to do! For you, this could be the potential for better health, reduced pain, an abundance of joy, calmness, contentment, inspiration, freedom, energy and health, or a zest for life, where you are living your authentic life and being your optimal self [p]. The choice is yours! As the ROA motto says:

Live optimally, live purposefully



By ‘I’, I am referring to Certified FlameTree Healers, who are able to assist others to join us living this inspired life — and we get paid for doing something we love while observing people like you returning back to the Beginning, so that you are able to make the choice to be who you are meant to be in this life, whoever that is, as defined by you (not us).



Imagine a world where every single person is living their life from a place of abundant joy, calmness, contentment, inspiration, freedom, energy and health, and having a zest for life because they are doing exactly what they are meant to be doing with their life; living optimally and living their life of purpose. This is what I refer to as our sentient caretaker society!




A sentient caretaker society is one where we all live in flow, peace and harmony, with clear communication. In a sentient caretaker society, we would be functioning ultimately, like a stem cell that allows the Earth to differentiate into a ‘healthy planet’ based on the ‘healthy biofields’ arising from the collective consciousness of this society (i.e. all earthlings).


This is one of the intentions of FlameTree: the personal development & healing system, and what inspires Certified FlameTree Healers CFTHs to do what they do. CFTHs are uniquely positioned to help achieve a sentient caretaker society because we apply the fractal nature of the universe and FlameTree to my ‘Stem cell and biofield hypothesis’, and upscale it to help achieve the FlameTree goal.