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By now you probably realise that FlameTree is a system that may assist your healing potential from many of your current dis-ease states, and resolve any limiting factor that limits your personal development and your optimal expression of who you are.

It’s now time to make your choice

Making a decision

When it comes to making a decision in life, I believe that there are three types of people.


1 || People who take action

You probably booked a session or purchased the course long ago and if not, now is your chance — make a FlameTree reservation or begin a career with the FlameTree system course  — or why not both?

2 || People who need more information

This website offers you a rich source of information, but for those who want more information on how FlameTree can assist you beyond what I have discussed here, you can purchase:


  • FlameTree ebook
  • The science and achievements of FlameTree: the personal development & healing system
  • The eternal worrier’s/warrior’s smile [coming soon]
  • From full to overflowing [coming soon]
  • Real health: The system that needs an overhaul [coming soon]
  • The golden ring [coming soon]

or access one of my ROAs, such as the pro·m·emo essences, drop dose essences for shifting through any emotion and Universal Emotional Freedom technique (UEFT), the new and updated EFT system taught online, any of which, will introduce healthy signals to support the improvement of your health and may assist you to live your life optimally and purposefully.

Keep an eye out for my soon to be released neuroplasticity-based programs:

  • Emoicity – you, your emotions and your environment [coming soon]
  • How to learn a PURfect memory [coming soon]
  • MEMO.
People who say BUT!

If you are one of those people who want to take action BUT, whatever your ‘BUT’ is, it is the same ‘BUT’ that stops you everywhere in life. Do something different and make a change now or forever suffer a case of ‘buttitis’!


Irrespective of which type of person you are, when you make the decision to invest in FlameTree, you will be investing in more than just yourself.