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Celia is a 43-year-old woman. She lives what she tells herself is a comfortable life —she has a small one-bedroom apartment, drives a 10-year-old car, has a job that covers her expenses but does not allow her to save for travel, and has a handful of close acquaintances that she calls friends. Celia, however, is not living a fulfilled life. Celia knows this because she wants to live in a three-bedroom home, drive a new car, save to go to Hawaii and have real friends.

She lives alone because she has never had a lasting relationship, and is still recovering from her breakup with Rhys. She feels like there is no one in her world to support her, and wishes she had someone, anyone, in her life. She blames her parents for a turbulent childhood, and wishes she had a normal upbringing. She desperately wants to have a meaningful connection with her two adult children, who in turn blame her for their unhappy childhood.

She becomes easily fatigued, even when walking to the shops, and must live on a restricted diet due to numerous food sensitivities. If she strays and indulges in her ‘treat foods’ (which she secretly does to dampen her feelings of depression), it worsens her fatigue and mood (irritability). She loses her temper easily and then later regrets her actions, crying uncontrollably.

Celia has what you might call a ‘successful’ career where she receives positive feedback from her managers, but feels unworthy of their praise. Instead, she feels anxious about not doing the right thing for fear of being rejected or, worse still, becoming unemployed. She feels as if she is a loner with no purpose or direction in life. She cannot help but feel as if something is ‘missing’.

The few friends she has often criticise her for not ‘opening up’, and remind her of the time she was ripped-off by a real estate agent who sold her parent’s property (which she inherited as the only child) for well under the property’s value. The extra money then would have been an invaluable contribution to provide for her children at a time when she was struggling financially to make ends meet, and may have improved their childhood slightly.

Celia leads a life of ‘quite desperation’, and fears the embarrassment of others finding out her true situation. She holds back these painful feelings and feels powerless. While she was contemplating life and mindlessly scanning her social media pages, she noticed that her ex-partner Rhys was making amazing changes in his life. Normally she would glance over it, but on this day she couldn’t help but notice the changes in what Rhys was posting. What had he done differently since they parted ways for him to achieve such a rapid change?

Celia had to overcome her pride and fear of calling her ex-partner, but she had to take this chance. Celia knew deep down that she had nothing to lose. She courageously picked up the phone and made that call to Rhys. As the phone rang, Celia can feel the tension building within her. Her heart was racing and she almost hung up the phone, but then he answered: ‘Hello, Rhys speaking.’