FlameTree is a system that may assist your healing potential from many of your current dis-ease states, and resolve any limiting factor that limits your personal development and your optimal expression of who you are. If you suffer from stress, overwhelm, or illness then this course is for you. If you know that there is more out there and you want to live an amazing and purposeful life, we can’t wait to meet you in one of our courses.



FlameTree as a system has been described as the GPS system to healing and restoring clients health quickly. It utilises every healing modality that you have already studied and integrated them all within the FlameTree protocol, so that you can be 100% positive that your client is receiving the priority treatment needed, right away in your sessions. Incorporating FlameTree within your clinic will not only give you clarity and reassurance, but your clients will also benefit with quicker and longer lasting results, saving them time and money.


Irrespective of which type of person you are, when you make the decision to invest in FlameTree, you will be investing in more than just yourself.


Did you know that we have all been ‘conditioned’ with beliefs, values, concepts and ideas which are not really our own, which then become our default neural pathways?


Between birth and two years of age, a child’s brain predominantly uses delta waves. Between two and six years of age, they shift into using more theta waves1).

What this wave state means is that every adult, when they were children, unconsciously took in everything that they were exposed to within their environment, for example, their:

  • parents
  • culture
  • race
  • teachers
  • role models
  • TV shows, advertising and radio programs.


This includes the beliefs, values and the definitions around you, for example:

  • masculinity/femininity
  • positive/negative attributes
  • success/failure
  • what it means to be a ‘good’ / ‘bad’ person.

All of these examples wired your brain so that you now have neural pathways associated with how you perceive yourself.



Ask yourself this question; who would you be if you had not been told who you were?